Find your essence with Neal, “Your essence, our freedom”

“Your inner purpose is to awaken.
It is as simple as that.”

– Eckhart Tolle

A few words from NEAL

Moving out of home at an early age, living with different people in different cultures, taught me to rely on myself and become responsible. My sense of self, my purpose and even validation were to be found within me.

This is when my journey to finding my true essence began. I pursued my passion for holistic healing and with each certification and lesson, I grew in many ways, always seeking, getting closer and closer to my essence.

That Is Exactly How Neal Feels About His Mission.

Neal is an accomplished spiritual therapist , healer and speaker inspired by many different topics he studied, as well as his personal experience.

You must learn to get in touch with your innermost
essence of your being.

– Deepak Chopra

What is your Essence?

Essence, according to the Oxford dictionary
“is the most important quality or feature of something, that makes it what it is.”

Four elements of Essence


takes a whole other dimension as we connect to a higher power through our essence.


we get back to our optimal state and learn to manage it on a daily basis. How to avoid being drained ir how to get vitality back.


we learn to listen to our body and decode our tensions and release our emotions.


we get to tame our mind, putting it back in its right place. It is a great servant but not the best master.

Holistic Consultant

Beyond holistic healing, which includes all aspects of the human being on the healing process, there is holistic living which refers to a life lived in harmony with every aspect of who we are

Here are in details the tools that can be used to take the journey

Spiritual Healing

In the science of healing, everything is energy. You are energy, the plants have energy & that emotion you have is energy.


The soles of your feet tells the story of your life. Your feet have carried you everywhere and it holds much more.

Chakra Balancing

Think of the 7 chakras as different energy systems. They can work independently or they can work in harmony.

Sound Healing

In the words of Beethoven, “music can change the world.” Music has such a powerful effect on people.


IT can be described as an inward pilgrimage -a search inside to uncover the mysteries of life including one’s own destiny.

Oracle Reading

An oracle is the medium to your spiritual consciousness and during the reading, you are able to get spiritual answers.


It is the use of the energy of light in form of color to heal or balance body, soul and mind.


The unspoken purpose is to increase blood circulation, restore lymphatic, nervous and mind and soul.


We know Neal more then 10year he has been a good help to transform us in difficult moments With his spiritual knowledge. He helped us heal the body and mind. His reflexology and crystal healing is amazing experience not to miss.

– Dino and Nadia

Neal is pleasant and sympathetic.  I have always felt better and more mobile after my reflexology treatment with him and interested to hear ( when he pressed part of a foot which makes me jump) and hear from him where my medical problems are

– Diana Simkin

A Great experience… these personalised massages were just what the doctor called for… I felt relieved from the pain, the knots and also the deep soreness immediately…. definitely recommend the massages….

Rehki Bedi

Neal has magic in his hands. With his serene nature and gifts, he releases the negativities and thus makes the body and mind heal…. you feel so much love and peace. Thank You Neal.

Nar Javer


Lastly I would like to share with you this beautiful quote:


I love my work and I feel blessed to be a partner to so many of you on this path.

Thank You!​