About NEal

That Is Exactly How Neal Feels About His Mission.

Neal is an accomplished spiritual therapist , healer and speaker inspired by many different topics he studied, as well as his personal experience.

From a very early age, he knew he was a seeker, connecting to his essence and helping others do the same. At the age of 16, Neal decided to take a course in energy healing and Reiki, and from then on began a journey of exploration and discovery that took him around Africa and then across the length and breadth of India as well as the far corners of Asia.

He has learnt Naturopathy as a soft and natural medium to live a healthy life. He has studied reiki, reflexology and massage therapy (hot stone, sport, Deep tissue, Swedish, Thai or shiatsu) as a physical connection with people to restore their optimal levels of energy.

And he is passionate about spiritual Healing, helping people’s overall situation by sharing a bigger picture.

He has, along the way, learnt about crystals, color and aromatherapy which he uses in addition to the other therapies he offers. Always on the lookout for growth and learning, he now incorporates Tibetan sound healing, chakra balancing and meditation.

All of these skills have transformed Neal and made him the holistic healer he is now, able to choose the most adequate medium to make his client’s experience, the most efficient. He has indeed touched people’s lives, giving them a different perspective with regards to their wellbeing, allowing them to heal at a deeper lever, putting them in touch with their essence. Always ready to share his knowledge to serve a higher purpose, he had the honor to speak at holistic seminars like women’s empowerment workshops, community groups or workshops on spirituality.

A few words from Neal

Moving out of home at an early age, living with different people in different cultures, taught me to rely on myself and become responsible. My sense of self, my purpose and even validation were to be found within me.

This is when my journey to finding my true essence began. I pursued my passion for holistic healing and with each certification and lesson, I grew in many ways, always seeking, getting closer and closer to my essence.

I believe in each of us , the essence is there. Life happens, we look for a sense of self outside of ourselves, we define ourselves from the outside. As a result we disconnect from our essence. I would love to accompany you on the path of uncovering your essence again so as to help you feel complete from the inside. Accepting yourself as you are and falling in love with yourself. Seeing my fellow brothers and sisters start to live in alignment, in accordance to their true calling and in harmony with their heart gives me the greatest joy. Follow me in this amazing journey!


We know Neal more then 10year he has been a good help to transform us in difficult moments With his spiritual knowledge. He helped us heal the body and mind. His reflexology and crystal healing is amazing experience not to miss.

– Dino and Nadia

Neal is pleasant and sympathetic.  I have always felt better and more mobile after my reflexology treatment with him and interested to hear ( when he pressed part of a foot which makes me jump) and hear from him where my medical problems are

– Diana Simkin

A Great experience… these personalised massages were just what the doctor called for… I felt relieved from the pain, the knots and also the deep soreness immediately…. definitely recommend the massages….

Rehki Bedi

Neal has magic in his hands. With his serene nature and gifts, he releases the negativities and thus makes the body and mind heal…. you feel so much love and peace. Thank You Neal.

Nar Javer