Here are in details the tools
that can be used to take the journey

Spiritual Healing

In the science of healing, everything is energy.
You are energy, the plants have energy and that emotion you have is energy.
And if everything is energy, then you must learn how to harness it. Energy always flows: whether you want it to or not. Energy lives.

By using healing, you can do away with not so good energy and keep the good energy. This will help you live in your essence.
Spiritual Healing can be done in person or through distance healing.


The soles of your feet tells the story of your life. Your feet have carried you everywhere and it holds much more.
In the science of reflexology, particular areas of your foot have a corresponding body part it connects to. This is called the foot map. When pressure is applied to the foot, it carries energy to the corresponding place of the body and provides healing.

I utilize my own proprietary method of combining crystals and reflexology to deal with one’s emotions. By doing this, you can release energy and heal yourself. And thus, live in your essence.

Chakra Balancing

Think of the 7 chakras as different energy systems. They can work independently or they can work in harmony. When they work independently, one chakra maybe more active than the other. When they work in harmony, there is a beautiful flow of energy through the 7 chakras.
Chakra balancing the art of restoring a harmonious balance of all the chakras throughout the entire system.

When your chakras are balances, you get a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness, elevated vitality and embodiment of oneself.

Sound Healing

In the words of Beethoven, “music can change the world.” Music has such a powerful effect on people. And music is all about sound.

Sound carries energy that changes your rhythm, your flow and your feeling. Sound healing uses Tibetan bowls which emits vibrations that affects your entire being.
Your rhythm slows, you start to flow with the universe and you feel a sense of connectedness. And when you get to this, you can see and feel your essence coming alive.


Plants carry energy and each plant energy has a particular benefit to your well-being.
The energy of these plants is found in the essential oils which I use during an aromatherapy session.
Based on your need, I use a variety of essential oils to help you in your healing journey.
The aroma of essential oils works on your emotional well-being, your physical well-being and as well as your spiritual well-being.

Oracle Reading

An oracle is the medium to your spiritual consciousness and during the reading, you are able to get spiritual answers.
When you have a spiritual question, I will facilitate your connection to your oracle who will provide spiritual answers.

There are some questions that must be answered on a higher plane or higher consciousness.
This is the main benefit of an oracle reading.


It is the use of the energy of light in form of color to heal or balance body, soul and mind.


I have not created my massages for pleasure but for real therapeutic benefits.
The unspoken purpose is to increase blood circulation, restore lymphatic, nervous and musculoskeletal system, dissolve tension, thingness and store emotions, and recharge the body, mind and soul.
I am well versed in the following massage techniques:-
- Hot stone massage
- Deep tissue massage / Sport massage
- Swedish massage
- Thai massage
- Shiatsu massage
- Gua Sha


Meditation can be described as an inward pilgrimage -a search inside to uncover the mysteries of life including one’s own destiny.

It is the experiences of breath, mind and body becoming one. There are hundreds of varying styles of meditation. I will help you identify the right one for your souls destiny by teaching you ways to meditate.

In the copprate world, meditation session are used as antidotes for stress, and meditation retreats for staff are gaining popularity.

Crystal healing

It is the use of semi-precious stones and crystals around the body to restore energy levels.
Healing with stones has been in practice for centuries to align, clear and transform their spirit and physical health.
Each crystals has a unique qualities vibrational resonance and their unique qualities are due to their mineral content, their scarf geometry and color frequency they emit.